OpenCart Duologi Retail Finance User Guide

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OpenCart Duologi Retail Finance User Guide

Duologi Finance Module provide customized finance solutions that use clever technologies wisely, allowing your customers to spread the cost of your goods and services. Fanatical about your sales growth and always on hand for you and your customers. Using smart technology is one thing. But when it's used with know-how it becomes something else. Our platform offers solutions that are easy to manage and built with your business in mind.


  • Choose finance options in Duologi at checkout page
  • Automatically update order status
  • Customers can choose both Test/Live mode
  • Set min/max value for Duologi finance option.
  • Default finance rate, deposit and much more
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 Days Free Support
  • Our Extensions are Easy Installation & Configuration
  • Our Codes are reusability
  • Our Extensions are Safe & Secure
  • Admin can enable/disable all facilities

Installation Steps

Buyers will get a Zip file, they have to unzip / extract the file to their system. The uncompressed folder will have a file called duologi.ocmod and you need to upload folder to your Opencart / Extension / installer.

opencart duologi retail finance installer

After the successful transfer, the extension will be shown as the below screenshot.

opencart duologi retail finance extension

Then the admin have to click green + button to install the extension.
Installation steps done.

Configuration Steps

Once installed it will be shown on Extensions / Extension / Choose Extension Type / Payments.

opencart duologi retail finance config

Single Click Enable / Disable

Admin can enable and disable the extension in a single click.

opencart duologi retail finance config one click

Deposit Percentage

Admin can add the deposit percentage under deposit percentage field.

opencart duologi retail finance config deposit percentage

Minimum Finance Amount

Admin can set the minimum finance amount for the customers.

opencart duologi retail finance minimum amount


Once everything configured , the payment method will be shown on the checkout page payment methods.

opencart duologi retail finance front end

We hope this documentation helped for configuration successfully. Please feel free to contact us.

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Contact Us: Contact Support Team

License: License Agreement


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