WooCommerce Afforditnow Paybreak Retail Finance User Guide

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WooCommerce Afforditnow Paybreak Retail Finance User Guide

PayBreak offer a suite of finance solutions under the brand afforditNOW. AfforditNOW offers merchants a secure, online, alternative payment solution that can be easily embedded into their e-commerce website to enable ePOS purchases. afforditNOW is not just a payment option, it is a marketing tool that when presented effectively, will increase online sales. To optimize the customer experience and increase sales conversions, we recommend that afforditNOW is presented at all key customer touch points throughout your website.


  • Product Finance Calculator works instantly
  • Choose finance options on the Prouct Checkout page
  • Automatically update order status
  • Customers can choose both Test/Live mode
  • Set minimum finance amount
  • Using the shipment option
  • Cancel the payment to afforditNOW
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 Days Free Support
  • Our Extensions are Easy Installation & Configuration
  • Our Codes are reusability
  • Our Extensions are Safe & Secure
  • Admin can enable/disable all facilities

Installation Steps

Buyers will get a Zip file, they have to unzip / extract the file to their system.

Method 1

The uncompressed folder will have a folder called Paybreak and you need to upload folder to your Wordpress root/wp-content/plugins directory.

wordpress afforditnow paybreak installer

Method 2

The uncompressed folder will have a file called Paybreak.zip. Admin have to login to the admin panel and then search for Plugins menu. Under it, there is a option called Add New. Once clicked, you have to upload the Paybreak zip file to it.

wordpress basic plugin installer method2

To install

After the extension uploaded, you can activate the plugin under Plugins > Installed plugins

wordpress afforditnow paybreak activate

Installation steps done.

Configuration Steps

Once Activated it will be shown on Woocommerce > Settings > Payments .

wordpress basic payments plugins config

Single Click Enable / Disable

Admin can enable and disable the extension in a single click.

woocommerce afforditnow paybreak retail finance config


Admin can set a title for the payment method anytime on admin panel.

woocommerce afforditnow paybreak retail finance title

Minimum Order Amount

Admin can set a minimum amount of finance for customers. Admin can edit finance amount any time.

woocommerce afforditnow paybreak retail finance minimum amount

We hope this documentation helped for configuration successfully. Please feel free to contact us.

Email: support@scriptzol.com / sales@scriptzol.com

Contact Us: Contact Support Team

License: License Agreement


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