Magento 2 Advanced Search User Guide

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Magento 2 Advanced Search User Guide

Magento 2 Advanced Search extension enhances the default search performance by adding new features and capabilities. This can be useful for stores with a large number of products or categories, or for stores that sell complex products that require customers to be able to filter and sort their search results in a variety of ways. It can be a great way to improve the customer experience, increase sales. It helps customer to save the time by viewing image of the product within the search results box.


  • Set product attributes as query key for searching
  • Popular searches section
  • Recent Popular searches section
  • Search result customization
  • Title customization for recent searches, popular searches
  • Toggle displaying Out of Stock products
  • Minimum search characters
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 Days Free Support
  • Our Extensions are Easy Installation & Configuration
  • Our Codes are reusability
  • Our Extensions are Safe & Secure

Installation Steps

Buyers will get a Zip file, they have to unzip / extract the file to their system. The uncompressed folder will have a folder called Scriptzol and you need to transfer the Scriptzol folder to your Magento 2 root directory /app/code/.

Extension Upload ftp

After the successful transfer, buyers have to run the following commands in the Magento 2 root directory with the help of terminal.

  • php bin/magento setup: upgrade
  • php bin/magento setup: di:compile
  • php bin/magento setup: static-content:deploy

After the commands running successfully, need to flush the cache in admin panel.

flush cache

cache Flush

Installation steps done.

Configuration Steps

Multiple Languages

To configure in multiple languages, Under Store > Configuration > General > Locale in admin panel , select the language which needed.

Translation of Languages

For translation of the content in the module, In the app/code/Scriptzol/Advancedsearch/i18n folder, need to add the file. To add a file for specific language, for eg.arabic for Saudi Arabia, ar_SA.csv is the file name format.

Magento 2 Advanced Search Language File

The file content should be like the below screenshot.

Magento 2 Advanced Search Language File Edit

Left side of the column is the original content, right side contains translations.

The file content should be like the below screenshot.

Magento 2 Advanced Search Language File Edit Columns

General Config

With this configuration, admin can set the popup width, search keyword triggering character limit, toggle showing Search button.

Advanced Search General Config

Most Searched

The most searched keywords can be shown on the popup by enabling this option.

Advanced Search Most Searched

Latest Searches

With this option, recent searched products list will be shown on the search results popup.

Advanced Search Latest Searches

Products Search Configuration

In this option, admin can toggle showing Add to Cart and showing Out of Stock.

Advanced Search Products Search Configuration

Latest Viewed

With this option, recent viewed products list will be shown on the search results popup.

Advanced Search Recent Viewed

Product Attributes

Admin can set any product attributes for search query key.

Advanced Search Product Attributes


As per the configuration and settings, output will be shown on frontend.

Advanced Search Output

We hope this guide helped for configuration successfully. Please feel free to contact us.

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