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Out of Stock Notification magento2 Extensions use customers to subscribe to stock and price alerts and receive notifications when the necessary product comes back to the store or its price is changed. Customers just have to provide their email id and they will receive a mail when the product gets back in stock. Keep track of all customer subscriptions to manage your stock accordingly and increase sales. Scriptzol Magento 2 Out-of-stock extension is a great bridge to maintain the relationship with customers, improve the shopping experience, express good customer care service, and especially contribute to increasing conversion rates.


  • Enable stock and price subscriptions
  • Activate a subscribe pop-up for guest visitors
  • Alerts Out of stock
  • Display popup subscriptions
  • Manage customer subscriptions efficiently
  • Display notify button on any page
  • Monitor customers' behavior with an analytics dashboard
  • Support all customer groups
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 Days Free Support
  • Our Extensions are Easy Installation & Configuration
  • Our Codes are reusabilities
  • Our Extensions are Safe & Secure
  • Admin can enable/disable all facilities

Enable stock and price subscriptions

Scriptzol Out of Stock extension admin can be easy to enable for stock and price subscriptions with one click.

Activate a subscribe pop-up for guest visitors

Not only registered customers, but guests can also have the facility to subscribe for out-of-stock product and get notified through email when it is back in stock.

Alerts Out of stock

The best feature of the Scriptzol Magento 2 extension is the function of Out-Of-Stock Alerts. When customers get the notice that the preferred product is sold out, they will immediately pay attention to the “Notify me!” button below the image. Here a sounding pop-up will appear to ask whether customers would like to subscribe to a notification email when their concerned products come back in stock soon

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Display popup subscriptions

Magento 2 Product Alerts allows showing a popup suggesting customers subscribe to the newsletter for price changes. With customers who are highly concerned about specific products with the hope for a better price, this function is really significant to them.

Manage customer subscriptions efficiently

Scriptzol Out Of Stock Notification in Magento 2 is the ability to manage customer subscribed information in a grid smoothly and efficiently. Admin can adjust a customer's stock subscription here, including the customer's name, email, product, send count (the number of times the stock email is sent to the buyers), delivery date, and subscription status.

Change the heading background

Display notify button on any page

While a cursor is over a product, the Notify button is visible beneath the Out of stock status. This button will take you to the product page when you click it. Additionally, Magento 2 Out Of Stock Notification allows store owners to display the alert on Category Page or Product Page pages.

Monitor customers' behavior with an analytics dashboard

Using the smart analytics dashboard, you can quickly view all orders placed, notifications sent, and subscriptions created. You can find out from the reports how many new subscriptions were created, how many "back in stock" notifications were sent, and how many orders were placed as a result of these notifications during a specific time frame. This handy dashboard tells you how well Magento 2 out-of-stock notification system is performing. You can use this data to know about your customer’s preferences and ‘most wanted’ products.

Support all customer groups

The admin can enable stock notifications for any customer group they choose, including retailers, wholesalers, and non-logged-in users or visitors. As a result, this will bring convenience for the visitors to make their first journey to the store, save browsing time for both customers and visitors, and enhance the user's experience.

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