Scriptzol Terms & Conditions

A party who has registered on the website to request a license for the software, extensions, and cloned scripts offered by Scriptzol. The client could be either a consumer or an employer. The term "consumer" refers to a natural person who buys software for non-commercial purposes. A natural person or legal entity that holds the appropriate entrepreneurial license and uses the software and/or services in the course of their entrepreneurial activity is referred to as an entrepreneur.

Using Our Products And Services

Use our services responsibly. For instance, you must not tinker with our Services or attempt to access them through any means other than the interface and guidelines we provide. Only within the bounds of the law, including any applicable export and re-export control laws and regulations, are you permitted to use our services. If you violate our terms or policies, or if we are looking into possible misconduct, we may suspend or stop offering our Services to you.

Scriptzol creates the following software, which can be purchased by the customer under a license agreement through our website: Extensions, Themes & Clone Scripts.

Under these terms and conditions as well as under other documents and agreements Scriptzol may customize and develop services under the agreement for Software Customization and Development Services terms and conditions. Scriptzol provides other services at its own discretion. These terms and conditions govern all listed actions, unless otherwise expressly provided for in special agreements.


Only one copy of an extension can be used for a single installation for personal or commercial use. Each extension requires its own license, which must be purchased separately. Our extension is written entirely in open-source code, and you are free to modify it to meet your specific requirements.


All of the software sold on this website is owned by Scriptzol. Without Scriptzol's consent, you are not allowed to copy, distribute, use, or publish any of its products. No portion of our code may be used in whole or in part by any other software, product, or website.

Unauthorized copyright or other proprietary rights use, copyright uploading, copyright posting, and/or distribution are against the law and can result in both civil and criminal penalties for the offender. Officers, directors, employees, agents, and administrators of Scriptzol, as well as any other entities or persons in a similar position, are not responsible for any damages resulting from any infringement caused by your actions with regard to material that is subject to copyright or other proprietary rights protection.

Product Update

To meet customer needs and keep our products compatible with new versions, Scriptzol frequently updates Extensions for the lifetime of every extension on our marketplace, updates are free. Please pay attention to the Release note tab on the product page when Scriptzol publishes new versions of any product to stay informed about the most recent release.

Product Customization

To meet your specific needs, Scriptzol offers Customization Services for any extension. Customers can get in touch with us for customization via

Customization & Support Terms and Conditions
  • Upon Project Delivery, Customization Support Will Only Be Valid For One Month. You Need To Extend The Support Time In Order To Receive Additional Assistance, And We Would Like To Charge You Extra For This

  • Do Not Alter Any Files While The Customization Service Is In Progress. Please Let Us Know Ahead Of Time If You Plan To Make Any Changes, And Then Create A Backup Of The Relevant File, Folder, Database, Or Setting

  • Only The Website We Work On Is Guaranteed To Have Customization. Even During The Project's Free Support Period, We Are Not Liable For Any Changes, Upgrades, Or Modifications Made To Any Website In The Future Or For Using The Same Customization On Other Websites